Suppose, you’ve a great desire about want to be a BCS cadre, then how you will be prepared yourself for this challenging task ?
If you really have a dream about wanting to be a BCS cadre, you need to work hard to fulfill your dream. For fulfilling your dream , you need to adopt right approach. Do you really have any idea about the right approach to fulfill your desire goal or destination?
First of all, you need to know how to take easily, effectively and successful preparation for acquiring your goal .
If you’re a smart guy then you already started taking preparation for the exam that I guess.
Definitely, you’re a smart guy and you want to be a person with social status, power, honour , money and so on. That’s why you choose BCS cadre for your goal.
If you take wrong strategies, you’ ll suffer in the long .so, it’s high time to take right and effective preparation for BCS exam.So, here ,now , I’m giving you some tips for preparing yourself for BCS exam.Successful person comes their hardworking. They’re not come from inborn. Success depends not only talented person but also those who ‘ re serious and regular in their BCS exam.
There is no single minute to waste and go for preparation from today. Definitely you ‘ ll reach your destination.It has been seen that most of the person who study by maintaining a study schedule or routine, the more changes to be successful in achieving goal. So, you should need to make wise schedule or smart routine for your study and study according with it.
You’d need to give importance all the subject not only any particular subject. The BCS examination question often comes from bangla, mathematics, general knowledge, general science , English and so on.
You’d collect all the importance books and sheets and completed them thoroughly.
There are also some leading companies for publishing books. They published books on regular interval with latest information.

Some suggested books are:
* The constitution of the peoples republic of Bangladesh
* Saifur’s math & geometry
* Saifur’s analogy
* Saifur’s newest grammar
* Barron’s GRE vocabulary
* Today’s world, MP3- Bangladesh, MP3- international
* Bangla orakol sahitto
* MP3- daily science
You can also follow a YouTube channel to get complete bcs preparation guide.

Sometimes, it can be noticed that you ‘d not memorized all the importance topics that you already done . after reading, It’s only work for 24hours . its common problem to all. For overcoming this problem you ‘ d makes note or write down in your dairy.
When you go through your topic then you can use color or Marker for underlining main topic.
If you can, then should try to do group study and it’ll very helpful. In these case , everyone of the group should maintained discipline.You can use BCS question bank and analyze previous question minutely.
There is no alternative of reading news paper…every day at least 2 hours you need to read at least one bangla and one english newspaper like prothom alo and the daily star.
The another best way for your BCs preparation is mock BCS model test . If you every day give mock BCS model test and take it seriously then day by day you’ ll these case, you’ ll budget your time . time management is the best management . if you mange your time properly one of the half of your success that have already done.

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