After completing graduates, every student want a prestigious job . Okay, if you want to doing job in government sectors , bank job comes in first priority.Mostly, students like having a bank job because nowadays it is very lucrative job.Yeah, it is true that doing job in a bank having money power, social status, lots of security and benefits, that’s why everyone like it most .You know what , job sectors are very competitive in our country.To survive in a competition, there is no alternative to enrich yourself and in this case , the practice of general knowledge is very monumental.From the first day of your university life , you have to concern about your career.
Every moment you’d keep in mind that what you’ re doing for your life and what you’ re taking from your life.So, be serious and set up your mind what you want to be and in which place you want to seeing yourself in future and work for fulfilling it .Obviously, you’ d maintain a regular life , beside take preparation for your future life because of surviving in the competition.
Everyday, if you read newspaper both bangla and English, you must enrich yourself. You ‘ ll know that what’s happening in the world. Every month , you can read current affairs, yearly , for ‘salyamami ‘ that are published by the professor publication , it ‘ ll be very helpful for enriching your general knowledge capacity.
Now, the most important part is English. Never you can avoid it . No matter what types of job you have , just having enough knowledge about English and speaking power in English  then you’ ll easily kick out your competitor.
For enriching yourself, you need to practice yourself in English, read English newspaper,  English magazines, watch movies with English subtitles.You can practice yourself in front of mirror, don’t worry, if you fail in using English correctly .English literature is also helpful for enriching yourself.Just stike with it,and day by day you’ ll overcome it .

If you’re weak in math then you can practice saifur’s math and geometry , besides need to practice from the math book of class 8 to 10.
Sometimes, you can read Bengali literature from well known writer. It is for enriching yourself Bengali literature.You can also follow our youtube channel .We upload very essential discussion for Job preparation.

Mentioned above techniques is the basic for building up enriched yourself in the period of your university life and undergraduate.If you maintain following techniques, after graduated you feel a little bit peace and easily survive in the competitive world. Otherwise, you’ ll fall into in the dark .
So, here are some thing for doing after graduated . Obviously,  read newspaper both bangla and English , current affairs everyday for to be updated. There are some very well known books , you can follow this . there have  previous question , you should follow, analysis and solve it . There must have some sample of model test . Every day , you’d try to give at least one model test . If you do so, you can realize how much time’ ll need for each question.
Maintaining time is another key term of success.You’ d go through the constitution of republic of people. Every year , many question come from it .
Some other recommended books are :
MP3 publication; bangla , science, math ,general knowledge for bangla and international, English.
Professor’ s publication: oracle bangla literature , English literature handbook, model test .
Saifur’s publication: specially math ana geometry, Analogy, newest grammar
Barron’s GRE for word meaning and so on.

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